Happy Birthday Bill!

Monday 23rd Dec
Lazy morning around at the cottage with extra special birthday snuggling for Bill. Finally made it out and into Plymouth to snag some last minute Christmas presents for a couple of people.

Bumped into Nicky wandering around annoyed about finding a hat she had bought cheaper elsewhere.

Had promised Bill a birthday meal so I traipsed him over to the Barbican and we checked out some of the eating places. Did the whole Mayflower Steps thing and seeing as Bill is so fab I swayed and ignored my initial plan to push him in and make him swim home.

Decided he also had to see Plymouth Hoe before we ate and dragged him around the front and up to the lighthouse. Forgot that he’s American and as such not used to walking. *rolls eyes* Showed him all the necessary historic elements to the Hoe and then ambled back down to the Barbican where he chose which pub he wanted to dine in predominently due to the rowdiness of the crowd already ensconced within. He likes his dives. Whoo!

Had a very yummy meal with great company. YAY!

Happy Birthday babe! xxx

Drove back to the cottage for our last night there and continued the theme of [censored]. Multitudes of thanks to Nicky! Our stay was superb, don’t know what we’d have done without you.

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