Havok @ the Music Box

*yawn* I just got up – had rather a late night last night. 🙂

I surfed the web, found a club to go to and actually went – *shock horror!*.

I have plummeted from uber goth “take 8 hours hogging the bathroom” to quick shower and change and dash out the door – wahey. (maybe the absolut helps? – I know better than to attempt makeup if I’ve had a drink! oh and maybe not being a goth?)

Didn’t go alone though, Matt came along too. So needless to say we were grumpy and bickering on the way into town and I’d pretty much already lost enthusiasm by the time we were on the bus. Not his fault at all, just me being crap and grouchy with Matt being gloomy and bugging me.

Anyhow, we had to stop off at the cashpoint before hitting the Music Box, there was a huge queue and a Big Issue seller there. I kept out of the way while Matt withdrew his cash and when he came over he told me that the Big Issue guy had told him to “look after me because I’m beautiful” Not the most appropriate of things to tell Matt, but it made me blush and go “awwww” and we continued in awkward silence to the club.

Okay, we’re at Havok now and hooray – lots of peeps I know are here too, I have a Smirnoff Ice and the music is loud and banging and pretty soon I’m dancing madly like a loon on speed, bouncing about on my pink platforms and generally being all energetic. (mental note to self: watch it – that’s probably how you broke the last pair)

Took a little getting used to having to dance with a bag (that is what boyfriends are for after all) and Kitty (said bag) kept flying around trying to take my knees out from under me, but I got the right stance in the end and all was well.

Grinned stupidly, so much so that Fran asked me why I was grinning and you know what? – I was actually thinking about Pengie and Vile at the time. To be precise I was thinking how you guys would probably hate it here, but I wish that you were if you see what I mean.
Then things got amusing. This guy came over and told me I was beautiful (wow – twice in one evening – good grief! *you have to understand that this doesn’t usually happen to me – in fact in the past when I’ve been clubbing I’ve got all grouchy because no one speaks to me – I guess I must have sent off the wrong vibes or something (heh – or maybe Matt did?!)?*) Anyhow, didn’t know what to say, kept dancing until he asked me for a hug, which I did. Had to take a break from bouncing so we went for a sit down and a chat. (Found out he was 21, from Salford but just got back from San Francisco, and into skateboarding – we discussed tarmac) He asked me for a kiss (I declined). I bought him a drink – hang on – that went wrong! 😉

Danced lots more while he tried to keep up (no stamina), grinned even more stupidly, met his friends.

Got fondled by some girl who liked what I was wearing! hmm

Was still dancing when the lights came on, swapped numbers, found Matt skulking in the darkness and grabbed a black cab home with Noelle and Julian.

Bit of a drama when Noelle realised that she’d lost her purse when it time to pay for the taxi at her stop. She got all stressed, fair enough, but wanted us to get the taxi to go back to the club to look for it! Not my idea of fun and I certainly didn’t have the cash to be able to afford that! Managed to persuade her to go and phone the club first then maybe get a private hire to return to the club, assuming it was even still open.

Took the taxi onwards to home.

Opened the door, stumbled in (crikey it was already light outside!) and found Mogsy all asleep and startled in the hallway. She must have been trapped there all night, still she didn’t want to go out so I took her into the flat with me.

Dialled up with the intention of filling in my journal before I forgot everything, and also because I thought it would probably make much more interesting reading in the morning than this rather sober account, but LJ was down for maintenance so I seem to remember I had a rather drunken ICQ conversation with Vile instead. *head was still quite fluffy from compliments* (though am now concerned as I actually road tested my “fake” bra last night and wonder if that was what did it?!)
Anyhow, eventually tumbled onto the sofa with a duvet, and best of all, fell asleep with a purring Mogs on my tummy. 🙂 yay!


2 Responses to Havok @ the Music Box

  1. Anonymous July 13, 2002 at 1:04 pm #

    Drunken Words

    Yes, she was completely “pished” as they say over there. Her typing skills made me look quite the virtuoso. Hooray for Pink and fun times.


  2. Anonymous July 13, 2002 at 1:04 pm #

    Drunken Words

    Yes, she was completely “pished” as they say over there. Her typing skills made me look quite the virtuoso. Hooray for Pink and fun times.


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