Hilarious and queer TV

While we had the luxury of satellite TV we got sucked into the most entertaining makeover lifestyle show yet. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy followed the metamorphosis of a straight, oiled and rippled, Greek (God) gym instructor with an unfortunate desire to be the image of 80’s Jon Bon Jovi and whose home decor was non existant, or stolen from his devoted mum, into a California surfer styled guy who could actually pull a girl and whose pad wouldn’t make said girl run screaming.

And the geniuses behind this transformation? A bunch of gay, often camp, guys whose mission is to tart up their fellow man and make life peachy.

This episode was just fabulous and had us totally hooked. Must…get…cable!

Actually, while I’m on the topic of being sucked into TV shows…in the land of reality TV there’s a 2 hour episode of Joe Millionaire 2 tonight. Compulsive viewing. Last week Bill and I placed bets on which of the girls Joe would be left after he’s eliminated all others. Bill’s contender looked very strong with Joe lusting after her all programme, and she drooling back in return but, oh!…what a shame… she couldn’t deal with the other girl’s jealousy and bitchiness so requested to leave the show. Poor Joe had to eliminate her from the competition and so my girl lives to woe another day while Bill’s pick goes home all tearful and besotted. Muahahahaha.

And that cursed “British” butler is still a bloody Aussie!

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