Good morning, job seekers!

So, I’m awake but not quite so bushy tailed. Back off down to the job centre in a bit to sign on – whoo!

You can shout out as many jobs as you like, Ross – you’re never going to bloody get one, you worthless dole scum!

Then I think it’s off into town to see if I can crack the Christmas Pressie situation for this year. Also need to get some cardboard boxes so I can pack some of my stuff.

Good god, Taekwon Do felt a bit hard core yesterday, got back to the flat and could hardly move. Blimey. Didn’t feel so strenuous at the time. I had to have a long soak in a hot foamy bath until I could feel my legs again. Carried on ploughing through Independence Day in the tub and then watched some Extreme Ironing [1 * 2] while chatting to Vile. Crazy!

Vile watched on in horror as I concocted a strange vodka potion with the shot kit Bleeda sent me via ActionScript.org. Truly felt like a mad scientist. Cue crazy demented cackling and the crash of a thunderbolt. The verdict? Ugh, tasted like shit. What a waste of good voddy.

Righto, time to face the wrath of the dole queue. (well, once I’ve read my friend’s page anyway!)

– How’s he goin’ to get an interview, if he doesn’t know his job options?
– He’s already got an interview!
– Ross – that is not my responsibility. My “responsibility” is to turn all of you into Job Seekers. Where would I be if you all got work before the end of this course?

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