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Was horrid leaving Bill in Atlanta on Tuesday night. Hate it when I have to go through the security check, turn around and I can’t see him anymore. I’m very glad that I know I should be seeing him again in around 2 months time though, just waiting to hear from the London Embassy for an interview date. Please let this be before my booked return flight!

Delta sucked abysmally on the way home. There were no tv screens in the seats so it must have been an older model craft, and from my seat I could only actually see half a monitor. They showed Down With Love (bleargh), X-Men 2 and Finding Nemo. Two of which I had seen in Atlanta, bah humbug. Still, I’d have loved to rewatch both X-Men 2 and Finding Nemo again if I could’ve, but it was just too frustrating. Also didn’t help that the soundfeed was doubled up with another soundtrack so you couldn’t even listen to them either. Gah.

Tried my best to sleep instead but couldn’t, especially not when I desperately needed to use the toilet but couldn’t squeeze past the dead weight of the girl zonked out next to me with her top over her head, and whenever she did wake up it was “seatbelts on” time. Aaargh.

Didn’t get the veggie meal I requested either, the air hostess seemed a bit funny to start with too, as if I was making up that I’d ordered one. However, once she realised that someone else had declined their pre-ordered Lactose-intolerant meal she was much better and I got given that instead.

Landed intact and on time. Raced through customs to try to make it
to the early coach on time (the timetable printout I got online showed that if I didn’t make it to the 11.50 bus I’d have a really horrible trek back to Devon, instead of just a tedious one). Arrived at the coach only to be told I needed a ticket and they couldn’t sell one on the coach (despite me having seen people buy tickets on the coach on my journey to Gatwick in the first place.) Had to go queue up at the ticket kiosk, by which time the coach left without me. Poop. Thankfully though there are constant buses from Gatwick to Heathrow running all day and when it came to purchasing my ticket I was told to just get the next one to Heathrow instead of waiting for the next scheduled National Express on my timetable, so I did actually make it to the connection I’d been gunning for afterall. AND, I finally got rid of my National Express vouchers I was given after my horrific coach journey down to Plymouth for the Eclipse in 99. Oh yeah! Thought they would be well out of date, but nope, they got accepted and I saved me some cash. Right on!

Made it down to Exeter managing to doze most of the way. Sat next to a nice German lady who didn’t say a lot but mostly grinned. Woke up once with a start and squealing when the lady in front suddenly slammed her seat into recline and freaked me from my dreams.

Mum met me at Exeter. Was good to see her, even if we did seem to have matching crop pants on. Eeeps. Drove home through the traffic and got pounced on by Molly when we got home. Wow, she is adorable. So sleek and shiny and bouncy. Huge amounts of energy.

Ok, that’ll do for now, I need a shower and I’m worried about LJ eating my entry if I keep typing much longer.

*big hugs to the Bill* Hope you are okay babe? Muah.

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