Home DIB (Do It Bill)

The rest of the weekend was spent in home improvement land. Bill was on a mission.

Earlier in the week the toilet had broken so that had to be dealt with, but also there was a whole heap of other things that needed seeing to around the house. For example, the extractor fan (fart fan as Bill likes to call it) which has been residing in a bucket in the kitchen for months on end was crying out for Bill to get around to installing the damn thing. The ugly gold chandelier in the dining area simply had to go and be replaced by a funky light fitting incorporating chilli pepper and pumpkin fairy lights. Also, the disgusting gold and tacky electrical cover plates needed replacing with fresh white ones that don’t make us want to hurl.

So Bill was a very busy bunny indeed, made lots of holes in walls, swore and shouted, lost his tools on numerous occasions, but got the jobs done. Very manly. Phwoar!

For my part I managed to buy some dog food. This is actually a lot trickier than it sounds as it involved me going out alone in the truck for the first time.

Bill also started to clear off the front porch and got around to getting rid of the little dressing table that had been stowed out there gathering spiders. He somehow managed to arrange a swap with his sister for a large chest of drawers (also stowed away, equally insect infested and splattered in primer) that is a much more useful size and in which hopefully I’ll be able to stow my stuff once we have it cleaned up and painted. Hoorah?

So that involved a quick trip to Alpharetta to do the switch. I drove (the interstate terrifies me!) and Quincy came along too so he got to see his cousins, stick his nose out of a moving truck and catch the wind, and generally be a perky dog for a while.

Hmm, okay, I think that brings me up to date. Now I must go make a frog bounce across a screen.

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