hot and bothered

Just returned from TKD, I got my certificate from my first grading through today, I didn’t even realise you got a certificate for gradings – whoo hoo!

Before TKD I gave in and went off in search of a Subway, ended up in Didsbury. Purchased delicious chicken terriyaki sub and went to munch it in the park. The weather is glorious.

Matt came too and we sat in the park, ate our lunch and attempted to throw a boomerang very badly. They are very easy to throw badly. It’s also a shame that throwing them is so quick when finding them again afterwards is a tedious and annoying process.

Amused Matt by going swimming in the middle of the field and getting covered head to toe in grass cuttings. Almost didn’t want to leave lazing around in the meadow to go and jump around in a stiffling room, kick things and get sweaty.

I am now hideously tired, hot and icky from exercise and I have a feeling I am going to be quite sore tomorrow. Need a shower.

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