Hot stones against my soles

Seeing as there was a Bank Holiday on Monday it should have rained. Bucket fulls. But it didn’t. It was rather steamy actually so a trip to the beach was in order. Parents therefore took the dog and I on an outing.

We’d been hoping to go to a tiny beauty spot on the South Devon coast that Mum and Dad had come across over the summer. A little sandy cove hidden down quite a windy pathway down a cliff. It’s National Trust but only has a tiny car park so we were worried that other people might get the same idea and beat us to all the car parking spaces. Rose with the sun, left the house as early as we were able and were rewarded with a choice of spaces when we arrived.

Laden with beach gear we ambled down the path, Molly leading the way; then stopping and sniffing about a bit, then gamboling on a bit further before racing back to trip between Dad’s legs.

Beach was gorgeous. Weather was beautiful. Sea was glistening. Snagged a spot at the foot of some rocks and settled in for the day. Molls got attached to a large pile of gathered stones and dug away happily when she wasn’t causing chaos by trying to lay down on whichever spot of clean fresh blanket I was lazing on.

Had great fun in the sea with Molly. Can’t say I actually swam, couldn’t quite make myself put my shoulders under into the chilly waters (despite the parts of me already water sodden being perfectly warm once the initial shock of Devon ocean was gone), but I did a good job of wading around in a bikini playing with the dog.

Molly was funny. Liked the sea at first, a lot. But then she seemed to have a change of heart and wasn’t so convinced. She whined and whimpered lots when she was in the water and didn’t like Mum and Dad being in it either. When Dad disappeared into the water scuba diving she’d race into the water whimpering to try to find him and get him out again. Also, she would only go for a swim if she had her lead in her mouth, almost like a safety thing.

Molls found a new friend called Nicky, another Black Lab. She was an older dog though, about 12 I think. Nicky inched closer and closer while I was playing fetch with Molls, her eyes signalling desperation to join in. Her owner produced a tennis ball and Molly and Nicky played fetch happily for a while.

It was very hot that day and I made sure I slapped myself with lotion. When I really felt like I was burning midday I even hid under a towel for a while. How come I now still have a nice bright red stripe across my torso? Creates a negative of my bikini top very nicely but is only say 3-4 inches deep across the bottom of my ribs! WTF? Drat, I burn far too easily. Still have the sinister Cyberdog top shaped burn marks left over from when I got roasted in Amsterdam 2 years ago!

Beneath the water the beach was very sandy but where we were sat it was pebbles. The heat of the sun brought them up to baking temperature and everything just simmered nicely.

Beach was fantastic, though the climb up to the top of the hill again was somewhat less enthusiastic.

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