I smite you with a big stick.

Taekwon Do was fun this evening. We got to play with bowstaffs and knives. Whoo!

Didn’t get to hit each other with long wooden sticks, but instead had to learn some bowstaff pattern work. It’s just like TKD majorettes. Some scary cheerleading going on there! Was a tad complicated all this twirling and smashing and bashing, got myself (lightly) in the ribs a few times when I got all tangled up!

Pah, gave Bill a call when I got home, he only went and told me that it’s a good job we didn’t get to practice fighting with the staffs because I’d only get hurt! That’s fighting talk that is, I’ll only go and do it now to spite you know. *looks mean*

Was a bit of a gruelling session this evening though, my knuckles on my left hand are a bit torn from practicing jabs and reverse punches into the pads. Ouchie. My own fault that though, I really need to concentrate more on impacting with the correct part of the fist. Somehow I always screw that up even though I try my damndest to get it right. Poop.

Far too many press ups and crunches for my liking too. (Thought crunches were supposed to be a bad idea anyway! hmm)

Off to the ChipShop in a bit for a beer or two. Hoorah!

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