ickle Kay

yep yet another me, two in one day! This one is much nicer though.
Much more acceptable.

Was feeling grouchy when I got home last night, popped into Wayland for a sec but the mood just wasn’t there. I was addled, Pengs was cranky, Vile was preoccupied. Had strange going around in circles conversation with Pengs and Vile and it was just all bizarre and so I decided to take Lara for a spin and take some pooter goodies over to Rebecca and Ruairi while I was at it.

Anyhow, I got to their house and knocked on the door, and was greeted by..not Rebecca…not Ruairi…but ickle Kay! Omigod! A tiny little Kay doll, a mini me, all dressed up in perfect little replicas of my clothes! Awww, in fact she’s more me than me! Hey! – That’s not fair. I want cool hair!

It was suggested that maybe if I held up ickle Kay at a particular distance between myself and other people that I can be her, and would never have to actually dress up myself again because ickle Kay is far cooler. All perspective.

Am so impressed by Rebecca’s genius. Ickle Kay isn’t quite finished yet, she’s missing feet! But she will soon have cool pink platform buffalos just like me so that’s okay! :]

Ickle Kay is also going to be given a bottle of vodka – excellent.

Pootled back to the house, much less grumpy and practically bouncy again – yay!

Redid the cd I’m making for the guys, was trying to get the track listing to show up, failed again, gave up. Connocted cunning plan to make it look pretty instead. Sat in Wayland for a bit, but a bit of a strange night there really. I think we all could have done with being in Vile’s Star Bar with nice beverages according to taste. 😉 *sigh*

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