Jaunt cross the border into Cornwall

Sunday 22nd Dec
Despite [censored bits] managed to get up fairly early and decided that as the fog had lifted somewhat Bill needed to experience proper fish and chips in Padstow, which just happens to be one of my favourite places.

Had a nice drive up to the Harbour Town and Bill was finally able to see lots of West Country prettiness through the mist out of the window.

Wandered around Padstow which was predominantly closed and very lovely. Finally found a chip shop that was open and took our steaming chips to the Harbour wall to eat them.

Bill found a shop (Bagend) that could have made him up a new watch band to fit his watchface more snuggly, but we’d have had to come back the next day to collect it, gah! Typical.

Wandered around some more, mosied through the surfer type shops and Bill bought some postcards to send home.

Had to finish the day off with an icecream. After much deliberation we found out that we have the same taste in ice cream and neither of us could decide between the Rum and Raisin or Butterscotch Crunch. Ordered one of each, problem solved, yay!

Took a different route home so that Bill could see more of Devon and Cornwall. Stopped off back at my parent’s house so that Bill could check in with the computer and got invited to tea again. Yay!

Tootled back off to the cottage after our meal and had more snuggles. Mmmmm.

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