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Gah, no wonder I’m so vicious, I’m so not in a good mood. Nothing seems to be going great at the moment.

First of all, early this week I was totally narked because I found out that as of March 21st the US Embassy in London has stopped opening provisional for VISA applicants. Gah, I had my forms all ready to send off on the 19th then got stalled when I realised I shouldn’t have attached an ADIT photo to the form and had to pull it off again creating a little messy area, which I’m sure would have been fine, but oh no, Kay perfectionist comes out and decides to download and fill out a fresh form to make it look better. ‘Course it’s then that my parent’s printer chooses to run out of ink, and as I don’t have one of my own anymore *hurumph* I’m stuck waiting to get a refill. Why didn’t I just post the damn thing when I had it ready?

Found a really good and potentially useful forum online: INS Forums which is great. Except, sure, all this reading up on procedure is greatly informative, but it’s so staggeringly depressing. Reading about the hideous lengths of time other couples have had to endure apart before Visas were finally granted is doing my head in.

I still really hate Texas, who seem to have done a batch approval of petitions belonging to some people who protested there last month, but very little since. TSC still appear to be working on petitions filed back in October. *sighs*

Didn’t get the receptionist post I went for, or even an interview for Dartmoor Photographic. *growls* Shitty jobs, but I need one!

My long awaited visit to the dentist finally happened today too. UGH. Had a check up, many xrays taken, listened to the mutterings of the dentist going on above my head, and the totting up of the cost of the treatment I need. I didn’t actually get a quote for the seemingly huge list of tortures I will have to endure but it must be lots as the NHS have capped the maximum cost of any treatment you are allowed to undertake at £350, and if you need anything above this amount your dentist needs to apply to get the treatment approved. Needless to say, I will need to be approved. Eeeek. This should take 2-3 weeks, and until he hears from the NHS no routine work can be undertaken. Emergency only. Felt like bursting into tears in the waiting room as I waited for my xrays to be ready.

Made an appointment to return on Friday for the bit of emergency work my dentist can do for me and went home. Had enough. Vile cheered me up as I drank a coffee and pulled myself together to go over to the cottages.

Had just climbed into my skanky clothes when the phone rang and the dental receptionist on the other end invited me back down to the surgery as they had had a cancelled appointment. Oh joy. Still, less time to fret about forthcoming dental procedures.

Root canal treatment was duly performed. Dad probed me about this afterwards but I absolutely have no idea what my dentist did or the instruments he used because I had my eyes firmly squeezed closed at all times. Not a happy bunny. Have to go back again on Friday to be checked over, with the possibility of work on the next tooth over as well. *wails* Need to have caps fitting to those two teeth as well, but I guess that’s something that come under the NHS approval bit.

Gold was also mentioned and a possibility in the future of one of my other teeth. Dentist recommended having a gold crown fitted to give the cusp protection (or something). Oh hell. Ick to gold! 🙁

Felt quite spinny when I came out of the clinic so went and pestered Mel in the pharmacy for a while ’til I felt up to driving home.

Teeth hurt.

Managed to forget about it all for a while at Taekwon Do though. Now, I’m all tired and my legs are sore. Ouchie.

Hee, almost forgot, one conversation I overheard at the dentist did make me smile. There was a lady discussing her surname with the receptionist. “Oh noo,” she said “There’s not many with my surname down this part of the world, but over in Okehampton there be loads of us!” (Okehampton being a mere 15 miles away) *shakes head* .o0(local)

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  1. mr_foz March 27, 2003 at 1:04 am #


    I am a Plastic Eating Circus Monkey with a rather pathetic 3.5 battle rating.


  2. mr_foz March 27, 2003 at 1:04 am #


    I am a Plastic Eating Circus Monkey with a rather pathetic 3.5 battle rating.


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