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3 bottles of Cranberry Archers, 2 bottles of Smirnoff Ice and all is well with the world.

Have just returned from a jaunt to Fab Cafe with the gorgeous Miss Rebecca.

Fab Cafe: catering to the sci-fi/fantasy connoisseur Fab Cafe is a little haven safely tucked away from the real world. Step down from Portland Street into the gloomy basement and be confronted by a lifesize Ice Warrior swaying in convincing manner. Venture forth into the room equipped with cult memorabilia and Daleks which are stuff of legend, having given birth to a brood of kitties. Chill to kooky tv theme tunes and cheesy sci-fi soundtracks while cradling your beverage of choice and going ga-ga over tuckshop treats like Space Invader crisps or Double Dip lollies.

Enjoyed a magnificent TV dinner comprising of veggie Hot Dogs, spaghetti hoops and waffles, and licked lollipops. Fantastic.

Tonight’s free film for our viewing delectation was Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Though I missed a bit of it due to being accosted by two men (Mark and Andrew) who were just weird and probably had wives and children at home wondering where they hell they were.

Got offered a job as bar staff, (£5 an hour) because I was lovely and returned my empties to the bar. Hmm tempting.

Am a bit tired now, going to bed.

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