Keep North Carolina Clean & Beautiful

OH.. and I got another postcard from Clay this morning *yay* *bounce* *bounce*

Isn’t it just the cutest damn thing?
It’s awful hot here, but there’s a thunderstorm rolling in.
Nice weather for ducks.
Hope you guys are keeping well – email me at Yahoo account
love, Clay.

[postcard shows a Loggerhead Turtle nesting along the Outer Banks of North Carolina]
Clay – Loggerhead Turtles are protected by laws. Do not disturb the nest of the turtles.
Must remember to mail him, I am so crap. (sorry) But now I should go and do some work as I have just slurped the last dribble from the can of Tropical Tango (2 for 55p – bargain!) which dictated how long I was to allow myself to dwell outside the realm of PhotoShop.

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