Lara hit by plank in M60 scare

Fook! Feel A bit shaky.
Was travelling home on the M60 just now, moseying along in the right hand lane, about to come up behind a white van, it’s roof rack laden with timber, in the central lane when the planks started to lift up erratically. One came free and headed straight for my windscreen. Had to make evasionary manouvre and swerve, said plank hit Lara’s side and shattered into bits which I then drove over. ARGGH!
Carried on driving, wasn’t sure if I should have stopped or not, saw the van pull into the hard shoulder, but Lara seemed to be handling okay so continued onwards.
Have just inspected her side, she seems okay, slightly scratched down her side, but I think that might be dust from the wood rather than damaged paintwork, and her underside seems alright. It’s tipping it down now so I shall have to double check tomorrow.
I need a sit down.

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