Last week I have been mostly doing…

Yikes, been back a week and a half and barely a proper recent update. Why? Because I’ve spent forever writing up, posting photos and backdating my stay in Atlanta. All done bar two entries now. MUST try to do those tomorrow.

Also been trying and failing to get back into a decent UK routine, as you can probably tell from the time of this post though, it ain’t happening. Practically slept completely through my first couple of days back, then cried and screamed through the next few. Gah.

Other events included a trip into Plymouth shopping with mum to buy a new swimming cossie. Can go swimming now! Yay! Tried on a few posh frocks for wedding dresses too. Since then though Bill and I have talked about the possiblity of a themed wedding. Excellent! Much more fun! And, if we do end up getting hitched mid summer in Atlanta, a lot more comfy too. Whee! I am all excited and have an urge to make papier maché cacti! Guess everything will have to be left til I get to the States though.

Met Matt at the Arts Centre for lunch on Thursday which was nice, despite the abysmal food at the veggie cafe. Wandered around the exhibition (Rock and Roll Japan). Mad. Thought the video installation of a Japanese guy performing the rock concert of his life to a life-size photograph of a screaming audience was great. Went back to Matt’s to pick up my Fish Painting III, and waved at evil fish in his parent’s pond.

Got a little lost down country lanes on the way home that day because the road between Yelvy and Horrabridge was shut, and no diversion given. Thought I’d duck down through Walkhampton, but it’s been years since I drove around those roads and I missed a turn. Ended up at a dead end somewhere around Moortown and having to 3 point turn in a lane. Nice to see lots of Devonshire countryside though and it was a great day.

Took a trip over to Pork Hill and went for a little walk on my own last Sunday. Miss Bill, keep thinking of great places to take him when he visits next. Tintagel? Camel Trail? Double Waters? Ohh, a beach would be good too!

Also gained title of “Blonde Cabs” for my ferrying service to and from Tavy pubs. There’s gratitude.

Downes joint effort at pizza yesterday was a great success, although Mel discovered she doesn’t take too kindly to anchovie paste. Afterwards went down the Chipshop for a drink with Dad and Sy. Mel was working and joined us for a few after her shift.

Been busy coding for Bill today, although he got me all miffed and said he’d sort it out himself after I spent most of the day working on it cos he told me it had to be done for tomorrow. Took me ages to get the elasticity working suitably. Grrr. Sorted now though (hope it’s okay) and we did a deal and he’s helping me out with some stuff I’ve been getting frustrated with. Yay! *bounce*

Think that’s about it. Lots to do tomorrow, including hopefully some exercise at some point. Either swimming or maybe TKD if can get away with no licence (prolly not) but for now I need sleep. *yawn*

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