Letter from the police and interview schtuff.

Police Check
Got a letter in the mail from the county constabulary acknowledging receipt of my application to have a check run on my police records. My details have been passed on to Scotland Yard and apparently the process should take 4 weeks. If I haven’t heard back after 40 days then I have to chase it up, but not sooner. Phew, I’m glad that agrees with the estimate I got told before, not Noelle’s information of 6 months! Think something must have gone wrong in her boyfriend’s case, or there is a different queue for police checks for people wishing to work with children?

Ring on the run
Parked up by the Nowhere Inn before my interview with Market Reach. 10 minutes to go and I had to change shoes before I headed down there as I couldn’t drive in my smart heels and my flat shocking pink slip-on sandals don’t really go with the interview image of blouse and pinstripe skirt. Brushed against the side of the car as I wrestled to wrench my boots onto my feet and managed to plaster my calves and boots with mud from the farm. I was furious and a tad stressed. Desperately tried to wipe myself clean, got mud on my coat too. Sorted my boots out, stood in the street and brushed my coat down with my hand, stressed! Engagement ring suddenly flew off my finger (huh?! ususally it taunts me by merrily rotating around my finger but it won’t go past my horrible gnarly knuckle without force.) and my heart leapt. Cue freeze frame moment as my eye spots the drain, I track the ring sailing in an high arc in the drain’s direction, I lose sight of ring and stay perfectly still, desperate for clues as to its trajectory and flight destination. Moments pass. A giveaway clunk of impact against tarmac and a circular settling jingle and I thankfully immediately pinpointed my ring and restored it to captivity. Phew.

Market Reach
Hmm, interview wasn’t too bad but I had to sit in on the phones and listen to someone ringing people on the premise of a bestowing a fabulous special offer on them. The deal was free accident insurance cover for being a valued customer…for 2 months until the person would then be charged £8.59 a month by direct debit. I for one am not convinced. Think that might have come across in my interview too! – oops! OK so this job would suck and probably blow my mind and char my soul, but it would only be temporary and I NEED the cash. How else am I going to afford a Visa, flights, wedding and anything else I might need to get in order to be with my eVile babe? Oh well, I should get a letter this week, yay or nay.

Chocolate Eclairs and TIGHT pants
Met up with Nicky again afterwards and wandered around town where she surprised me with a cheer up pressie of a pack of hair bands (heh, she witnessed a stress strop pre-interview that since moving back down to Tavy I have been unable to unearth my big box of girly goodies, including my nanna’s broach and earring set which I am most upset about. Actually, worse, I’m missing two thirds of that, I did find one earring loose in a box. That does not bode well.) and a pair of girly knickers! Aww, thanks mate!

Gave her and her rucksack a lift over to Glenn’s and dropped in for a coffee and a choccy eclair. How could I refuse that?! Watched an episode of The A Team (hoorah for friends with Sky) and were totally taken aback by the tightness of Face’s trousers. Good grief! I never noticed that as a small child! And I thought all his womanising stemmed from his charm and charisma, how wrong I was.

Howling Mad Murdoch had a good episode and found himself a bird. He’s a dude! We love Murdoch. Sure, all the women swooned over Face but I always used to want to be Murdoch, sure I used to wear a cap and pretend sometimes.

Nicky and I both creased up when BA scowled and muttered “Ain’t got time fer no jabber!” Hee.

Raarrr to the A Team! Superb.

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