London Embassy Interview 1st October #4

Happy London Afternoon

Wanted to phone my parents immediately too but stupid me had left my mobile phone and telephone numbers in the left luggage at the hotel because I knew it couldn’t be taken into the Embassy. Doh! Got into trouble for that later I did! Apparently Mum and Dad had thought something had gone horribly wrong until I was able to call them several hours later when I had retrieved my phone! Ooops.

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon in London was fantastic, if tiring. There was so much I wanted to show Bill but so little time that in the end I settled to take him to Covent Garden for a wander and to get some food. We stumbled across a great little bar on the Neal’s Yard side of things which does amazing main courses for £3 during the day and puddings for a quid. The Langley had fabulous décor too and has given Bill some ideas for how to decorate our bedroom!

We were soon completely shattered though and with several hours left in London had to head back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and go hang out at Paddington. We simply could not walk anywhere anymore and although the morning at the Embassy had quite brief been fairly relaxed I think we were both worn completely out.

Happily snuggled up with Bill on the train and headed back to Devon with the visa and packet safely stowed.

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