(long) weekend #2

(written on scrap of paper yesterday, transcribed into journal now)
Had another fabulous day at the beach, this time a more populated one, but with the added bonus of having no ugly naked people.
Daddy took the day off work and mum, being a teacher an’ all, is on her hols anyway so we headed South to Thurleston Rock.

When we got there an incredible sea mist shrouded the bay, so thick you couldn’t actually see the rock, but then the sun came out and within minutes the mist had dissipated.

Lounged on the beach all day, was sensible and wore a long sleeved t-shirt for most of it this time though! The sea was beautiful, went for a dip with my dad. Took us a while to make it into the water but once in it felt warmer than yesterday.

Am now very sandy, tired and sticky with sea salt, am going to have a shower 🙂

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