Lord of The Rings

saturday 21st Dec
[censored bits] and changing cottages, and then we finally hauled our asses out into Plymouth for our date to see Lord of the Rings at the Warner Village. We had both been looking forward to this for sometime and I’d booked the tickets online the week before.

Made it to the cinema to find the car park full, crawled around for quite some time before before a car pulled out just as I drove past it. Dammit! There was a car a little distance behind me and I’m always wary of reversing into spaces as on a number of occasions the car behind has zoomed headlong into the spot I’ve been reversing into. GAH! I now tend to panic and dive headfirst into available spaces if the carpark is busy, but this time I was determined and with a swift reversing manoeuvre I nabbed that spot. Yay! Go me!

We were quite hungry by this time and although due to being slack we hadn’t left much time to eat before the picture we decided we had to get a pizza or we would be most unhappy. Wandered across to Pizza Hut and were confronted by all the waitresses dressed up as fairy princesses, and what I can only presume were the lower echelons looking miserable in bad santa’s elves outfits. Our waitress was the tastiest, you could see all the other little fairy princesses giving her the evil ey e every now and then.

Munched our way through pizza, and raced across to the cinema. Stood in huge queues for Coke and popcorn until we gave up and decided to go find some seats first. Entered the cinema, it was packed. UGH! Finally found a couple of seats fairly central but right at the very front, was unhappy about this until we realised they weren’t half bad after all and as an added bonus made for a quick escape to the loo mid film, LOTR is LONG!!

Bill then went and had an encounter with the popcorn counter. I was beginning to think he was never coming back. Turned out he got confused with the question “sweet or salty popcorn?” and panicked. We got salty, and I ended up rather thirsty and drinking too much Coke as consequence.

Did lots of snuzzling during the film, yes we’re really teenagers. Great film too, had fun. Thought that the guys who had to catapault across the battlements on ladders looked like they had great fun too, before they slaughtered of course.

Got hold of Nicky and went around to Glenn’s flat to meet her and Lynsey. She ordered pizza and despite saying that I’d already eaten and wuoldn’t want much I certainly helped to devour it. oops.

Took Bill about 5 mins before he started nosing through Glenn’s record collection, bless.

Glenn returned and I drove us down to the Nowhere Inn. Standing room only, so we mooched and watched some bad pool. For some reason Nicky and Lynsey kept grinning and making faces at Bill and I, and then Glenn got up, stood on a stool and turned a blue spotlight directly onto us. GAH! Couldn’t have a snuzzle in peace it seems.

Decided to venture down to Legends, mainly because they have lots of seating. On the way we passed a collapsed drunk and his mate, Glenn tried to help the guy and check he was okay, only to call his mate a cunt and create chaos. Oh dear.

Quick tour of the joys of Bretonside Bus Station after hours for Bill. I take him to all the nicest places!

Made it to Legends for more amusing Heavy-Metal air guitar disco, Bill talked music with Glenn, admitted liking all sorts of shit and tried to “educate” me. Decided it was probably time to go home!

Rescued Lynsey from the clutches of her evil sister who makes her go to dodgy Plymouth nightclubs and drove her back to the farm. Introduced Bill to the dawgs and headed back across to the cottage. [probably more censored bits]

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