Lunch with Marshall and Terry

Finally got to meet up with Bill’s friend Marshall today. I’ve heard lots about him from Vile before, including the peeing on the cat incident, but somehow haven’t manage to cross tracks until now. Bill actually tried to introduce us back in October but failed miserably, even stopped by his house when no one was in. So, I was looking forward to running into him this time.

Headed over to Decatur and got there before Marshall was in again. Snooped around the back a while until we heard Bill’s name being called and realised that Terry was in and had come to the door.

Supped ginger ale and sat on the sofa with the infamous urine sprayed cat until Marshall arrived home. While Terry fixed the drinks Bill showed me the wall of shame near the kitchen, in each photo Marshall looked like a totally different person, from spiv to pirate. The favourite image had to be Marshall posing in a tutu while Terry sits nexts to him reading something and looking as if to say “yes dear” I think. Just looks like a little captured snippet of domestic life, then you realise that someone else had to have been there to take the shot. Eeeeps.

Great house. Loads to look at and take in, and very eclectic.

Anyhow Marshall returned and in this incarnation reminded me of Animal, or one of the giant muppets with the hairy jowls all around their heads. Kinda cool to be a muppet though.

Said it was awfully good of us to show up while he was in this time.

Peckish? Yes. So we headed out for a bite to eat and ended up at La Fonda for more tasty Mexican nosh.

Got accused of not being very talkative by Marshall. Had a delicious veggie burrito. Listened to Marshall and Terry banter about their impending parenthood, which was most amusing.

Managed to dump sauce on the new little pink tennis dress I was wearing. Typical!

Bill outside La Fonda, taken on a different day though

As usual carried my camera everywhere then totally forgot to use it. Gah!

Were invited back for coffee afterwards, but time was marching on and unfortunately Bill had to go for an interview that afternoon. Booo! Had to make tracks instead and toddle off back home.

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