Lunchtime Pool

I think we have actually become regulars at the pub we frequent at lunchtime. All the usual crowd now say hello to us when we walk in and have a little chat! I spilled my drink all over the floor by accident and the barman even replaced it on the house. Wow.

Arrgh, they’ve changed the music on the duke box though, so no more playing pool to Johnny Cash. (that so rocked) Still, it’s been replaced with the Music To Watch Girls By compilations so I guess that’s not so bad. Definitely Music To Play Pool By.

Hmm, I think my Top Pool Playing Tracks so far include: Johnny Cash, Peggy Lee (“Fever”), Beach Boys, Nina Simone, oh, and Elvis. sweet.

Serge Gainsborough put me right off today – it’s his fault I lost, I mean how can you concentrate with the breathy ‘Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus’ playing on the Juke Box? No chance.

Did win one game. (hoorah!)

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