Lust down the StarBar

Woke up and emerged to find Kati lounged on the sofa deeply involved in watching a steady stream of Ground Force and Changing Rooms. She’d taken the next few days off work to apparently recover from the excesses of Halloween. Bill was odd again, seemed pensive, and this time did go off to drop the air compressor back at his sister’s on his own, leaving me with Kati and practically non-stop home decoration programmes.

We hung out around the house for a while then Kati decided we should go for a wander around East Atlanta village while we waited for Bill to return.

Always struck me as strange that every shop Kati went into it was as if she knew the assistant personally and were great friends. The way they all welcomed us in and asked “Hi, there! How are you?” in far too friendly a manner disturbed me to be honest. Not used to that at all!

Vile re-emerged eventually and we headed off back to Little 5 Points to eat lunch at the Yacht Club.

Wandered around Little 5 Points and had a more sedate look around some of the shops. Nothing really caught my eye though. Certainly no pink sparkly cheerleader’s uniforms! 😉

Jimmy and the Teasers, The Pits and Lust were playing at the StarBar this evening so I got dragged out for another night of RAWK! \m/,

Another photo booth moment occurred. I did a really great job of flattening down Bill’s hair so he looked really crappy, then.. Flash!.. Flash!.. Flash!.. Flash!..Omigod! Bill kissed me! That was not supposed to happen!

Hurriedly recomposed when the curtains drew back, Kati stuck her head in, and we squeezed up to make room for her too. Dunno what the hell I was thinking, but, godamn…*guilty as hell*

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