Making the most of Devon and the sun

Fabulous day again today so I decided to take Molly out for a long walk on the Moors. We drove across to Pennycomequick and had lots of fun walking along the river there. I put my old bikini on and we waded up through the stream together. Had a good game of fetch in a sun soaked glade. It’s amazing how much Molly loves the water now, when she was first introduced she was not convinced at all, now she plummets head first into pools with no fear.

We then decided to drive on up to Pork Hill to see if the ice cream man was there. He was, so I gobbled down a cornet (it melted rapidly, had to devour it quickly) and let Molly run around some more.

Had an embaressing moment when I was very aware that we had to walk past a Dartmoor pony, so I put Mowgli on the lead and was concentrating on getting her past the horse. Didn’t notice that she wasn’t interested in the pony at all, something else had caught her eye. She took off in the other direction pulling me after her and clambered into a nearby car. The old lady sat in the passenger’s seat enjoying a tranquil afternoon and appreciating the wonderful view was most surprised when Molly landed in her lap. Gah! *blush* Apologised profusely. Luckily she had dogs in the back of her car too so she didn’t mind too much.

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