March Forth

It looks like our See Rock City nesting box has caught some bird’s interest. We can see signs of twigs and leaves being deposited in it so I’m quite excited about that. Mary also gave us a bird feeder (belonged to Hank but she was fed up with it lying around as in 2-3 years he hadn’t got around to actually hanging it anywhere!) so we are going to put that up too, hopefully somewhere where we can see it from the house if we can find a branch low enough. I also guess it must nearly be time to dig out the hummingbird feeder I got from the botanical gardens and put that out too.

Bill’s company recognise March 4th as a company holiday (purely on the date alone I think…March Forth!) and this year they held a party on the evening of the 4th and gave everyone the next day off. After the party we went home to watch The Apprentice (three cheers for Omarosa getting fired!) and then onwards to the StarBar for Uncle Laffo’s Talent Night. We were very entertained by Jim’s Witch Doctor/Voodoo Priest persona and Dave riding around on a tiny clown bike. Unfortunately however there seemed to be a lack of other talent and we waited and waited before finally having to leave before anything actually happened.

On Bill’s day off, apart from going to the dog pound, we hauled three truck loads of compost home from the Dekalb County free mulch pile and spread it over the yard.

Saturday was the Martial Arts Tournament. We didn’t attend. Instead we ended up at BrightHouse all afternoon. On the Tang Soo Do front I’ve decided to go to a Tae Kwan Do class this Tuesday in Decatur to see if that is any better.

Met up with some folks at Twain’s Saturday evening and then got taken to The Clermont Lounge, which was mental.

Yesterday Bill and I took Quincy for a long walk through the neighbourhood. One of Bill’s work colleagues has moved into the area and we took Quincy over to say hi. Rick has two dogs of his own, Bonnie and Noelle, so we were hoping they would play together and let off some steam. Noelle was great with Quince, Bon Bon on the other hand was not a happy dog and wasn’t too impressed to have Quincy on her territory! We hung out there for a while before walking back to East Atlanta and having a burrito before heading off home again. Despite having a whole list of things to do (like hanging the bird feeder!) Bill and I both passed out when we made it back to the house. I think the sun was deceptive and totally frazzled us. It was great walking around though, really feels like Spring is actually here and I’m amazed by the number of plants that are already springing back to life. I think the official first day of Spring is March 20th, at least it usually seems to be on my birthday in the UK, though I guess it may be different here?

At BrightHouse the March Forth party marked everyone’s move into the new space they have built for the company. I’m very lucky and they thought of me too, I have a little desk right next to Bill. There’s a mini ping pong table in the new area too and Bill is turning (back?) into a ping pong freak.

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