Medford and Lorraine

Returned back to the pad after meeting Bill’s parents and got ready to go out again to meet his “surrogate folks” for an evening meal at a Thai restaurant.

Thai Basil

Bill and I got there first and were already seated when Medford and Lorraine arrived. It was like the calm before the storm because as soon as Lorraine walked in it was as if a whirlwind had arrived. Dinner was great, if a little overwhelming and hard to follow. Medford and Lorraine kept engaging in separate conversations with us, and Lorraine would go off on tangents while I just did my best to keep up and follow the two conversations at once.

Bill and I were given a little present of a tin of cheese straws. Mmmm. Not had real ones before, just the ones I attempted to make myself when I was ickle. A delicious and thoughtful gift.

Slight confusion arose over dessert when coconut, instead of green tea ice cream turned up for Medford and Lorraine. Actually, they had ordered the coconut, but I didn’t like to say that!

Engagement ring was paraded around and “eeeps!” Lorraine slipped it onto her finger. That’s supposed to be bad luck isn’t it?!!

Had a really lovely evening, Med and Lorraine were really nice, and Lorraine even gave me her direct to desk office number. Apparently not something she gives to just anyone. Whoo!

They even paid and treated us to the meal. Blimey!

I must write a thank you card to them when I’m back in Blighty. Must not forget!

Was really happy, had such a fab time at Bill’s parents in the morning, the exciting drive home through Georgia (did I mention Lake Sinclair before? The sun was shining and the water was sparkling and looking very pretty, bit bigger than Burrator!) and then a wonderful meal with great company.

Made it back to the house with very full and warm tummys and settled diown to watch a film. Didn’t think I had seen True Romance before but when we stuck it on scenes looked familiar. Then a whole forgotten evening from my last visit to Atlanta came rushing back to me. At which point we didn’t get much further into the movie as we got a little too distracted to pay attention.

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