Merry Christmas!

Wednesday 25th Dec
Got woken up by dad prising my eyelids open and jumping on me. Great. Thanks dad. Merry Christmas to you too. 🙂

Bill finally emerged downstairs and we snuggled up on the sofa and mooched around the house for a bit while everyone else did the same. Finally had to get up and have a shower and be clean so we could get on with the task in hand and open some presents!

Sherry was cracked open, everyone got glittered by Mel (Bill still had a glittery scalp days later!) and the unwrapping began in earnest.

It was great, my family made Bill so welcome and he got lots of silly presents, like a mirror that tells him how handsome he is when he looks into it, and practically has an orgasm! Good god! Also of note was the purple flock moose’s head from Sy and Mel.

Whoooo! Bill got me a scanner!! yay!!

I also got a wooden spoon and some condoms from my brother and Mel. (getting me back for something years ago) awwww, cheers guys.

Felt really really bad as he didn’t have anything to open from me as I suck big time and couldn’t decide what to get him, and then it was too late. I am SOOOOOO SORRY! Tried to give him lots of snuzzles to make up for it, don’t think it worked.

Had a fantastic Christmas Dinner with the folks and had to explain Christmas crackers to Bill. We all got silly magic tricks and had to wear our party hats on pain of being made fun of. Ate way too much, listened to the Queen on the radio (just for Bill! ;)) and retired to the lounge to watch bad telly (Eastenders).

Everyone went all sleepy and settled down around the fire. Yet for some reason Bill seemed really keen to drag me up onto the moors in the dark, cold and wet. Decided to humour him.

And the next bit deserves a new entry all to itself…

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