Milledgeville #2

Next day remembered to give Bill’s mum and dad the present I’d bought them over breakfast. Mmmmm. Breakfast. oh yeah, Bill woke me up with the smell of pancakes American stylee. I must admit they were great. So fluffy and filling. Though they soaked up the syrup too much, wanted them to drip and be sticky but syrup just kept disappearing. Can’t beat proper British pancakes with lemon and sugar though. Which reminds me, can’t wait til Pancake Day. (confused Bill talking about that one!)

Had a really nice and chilled time down in Milledgeville. I hope I did okay. His folks were really great and lovely to me. Felt good. Looking forward to seeing them again with some more of his family on Saturday at Mary’s.

Bill and his mum hug before we depart back to Atlanta

Quince ready to go home

Took a different route back to Atlanta, a slightly longer more scenic way I think. Saw (and smelled) a dead skunk and did lots of Georgia State Flower (satellite dish) spotting.

Also saw some HUGE birds, which Vile informed me were eagles. Cool.

Had fun. I like driving along beside Bill, even more fun with Quince in the back being all doggy. yay!

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