Packed up an overnight bag, bundled an excited dog into the beamer and set off around midday for Bill’s hometown of Millegeville to be paraded and introduced to his parents.

Had a nice drive basking in warmth, a beautiful day. Bill keep apologising that the drive wasn’t more pleasant and that the Georgia views aren’t as superb looking as Devon, but I spent most of the journey gazing around and trying to take everything in. It’s all so different and exciting.

Stopped off halfway so that Bill could show me a quintessential American truck stop. Frightening. He tried to get me a scary baseball cap to wear but thankfully they didn’t seem to sell any, so he settled for buying me a postcard with some possums on it instead. Phew.


Bill’s mum was home when we arrived, but his dad was working out at the golf course. Sat around and relaxed for a while with her and Bill pointed out all the hilarious photos of him amongst all the family memoribilia on the walls. Hee hee. Then some of the year books came out. Wooo!

The Allen Residence

Bill and his sisters went to a convent school (scary nuns) when he was ickle and it seems that they only allowed one year book per family. Boooo hissss. Poor Bill never got hold of it to get his friends to scrawl in it, so it’s full of his sister’s friends comments, oh and the no holds barred remarks that one of his sisters (Mary?) scribbled on all his classmates’ images. Bill himself got “weird.” *cackle*

My favourite comment in the books went something like this though:

“Hi, it’s *thingy* I used to go with you, but now I’m glad I don’t. Good luck with all the guys in the future.”

Bill took me for a tour of the town. Showed me all the sights and numerous penal institutions he did. Then we parked up and took Quincey for a walk around a few blocks before deciding to stop for a bite to eat at Buffingtons, by the looks of it a fairly average student haunt. Sampled the local cuisine and watched the weather channel forecast severe cold storms heading across the east coast in Pengie’s direction. Muahahaha.

Before heading back to the house Bill then took me to see the asylum, and we chased Quince around a pecan orchard in the sun before the inmates started to come out on work release.

Made it back to Bill’s parent’s place and vegged out until Bill’s dad arrived home and he cooked yummy bbq chicken and we hung out.

Bill’s parents

Had to watch Joe Millionaire on strict orders from Bill. Class. Oh boy, that is some shit TV there. Glorious stuff. Then Bill had to write a proposal to chase some website work so I sat and watched lots of Adult Swim until bedtime.

Felt guilty that I wasn’t more sociable, but at this point I was feeling somewhat misplaced and zoned. 🙁

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