More Immigration Crap: Fingerprints and Biometrics

Okay, so I just got back from my 9am appointment at the Atlanta Office on Buford Highway. Things went very smoothly, the staff were very pleasant, and I was out by 9.10am. No EAD in hand though…rats!

I turned up, had to fill out a form and then take it, along with my receipt notices and photo ID (passport) to the reception who checked my hands for cuts before giving me a numbered ticket and telling me to wait to be called in the second waiting room. (NOTE: glad I remembered to bring my Marriage Certificate with me to verify my ID as my passport is in my maiden name)

I’d barely sat down before the lady was ready for me. I was directed to a large machine and my details entered, verified and double checked again. A print of my left index finger was taken by pressing it onto a small screen on the machine, I was asked to sign one of those horrid electronic pads that always messes me up so they have a very wobbly approximation of my signature (which I haven’t really even worked out myself yet…2 months is not long enough for me to get used to signing my married name!) and an ADIT photo was taken.

This was all then double checked by a supervisor before I was led to a second machine which recorded fingerprints from all my fingers. I had to apply some lotion, let it dry, and the lady pressed and rolled my fingers over two different screens until she got results she was happy with. This was highly fascinating with regards to the technology, but bloody depressing otherwise.

Again the supervisor had to re-verify all the infomation again, even checking my ID once more…maybe she thought I’d somehow changed my identity in all of 5 mins?

All done, I asked what happens next? The response I got was that the EAD will be mailed out. They seemed to think this will be within 90 days. However she also said something that made me think this was 90 days from the date on my EAD Receipt Notice, not from today. At least I fervently hope so.

No idea what happens next about the Adjustment of Status.

So…back to waiting again then.

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