More late night snuggling to movies

Stopped off at Borders on the way home to see if we could pick up a cheap DVD to watch. Tried very hard to find any of the films that are on “the list” and failed miserably. Had to keep avoiding a VERY annoying guy who was scouring the shelves while keeping a running commentary to his girlfriend (?) on the other end. Aaargh. Wanted to demonstrate extreme physical violence on him.

Eventually settled for buying Payback and a peppermint patty. Mmmm.

Hit the Jack and Coke, and the sofa, and curled up to watch the film with Quince. Who, incidentally, doesn’t usually let people get too close to him, but apparently likes me and jumps up on the sofa right next to me. Suspect that Bill is just sucking up by saying that though.

Anyhow, Payback was a splendid movie. Totally evil. Loved it. Go Mel Gibson! Even Lucy Liu was admirable in it.

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