Mortimer Jazz and kebab

Friday 27th December
Time to leave Tavy and head back up North to Manchester ready to drop Vile at the airport (boooo!) and vacate the flat on New Year’s Eve.

Said our goodbyes to my family while mum and dad took one last picture:

Simon was fantastic and lent us his Saab to go up in as it’s bigger than my Fiesta and I was going to need all the space I could get to shift my stuff back down to Devon. Added bonus in that it has a cd player in it too which meant that we no longer had to listen the same tape on repeat play over and over again. Julius travelled up with us and kept us sane.

Today was the day we had arranged to meet up with Mortimer Jazz, another compadre from Meant a slight diversion to Bath and a bit more sightseeing and oogling at the glorious British countryside for Bill.

However, it took somewhat longer to drive to Bath than we had foreseen, the motorway was heaving and kept coming to a standstill and Bill was rather optimistic with his forecasts for how long it would take. I guess he is used to America where it seems you can get places a lot quicker, no faffing about like we had to along windy country roads.

Made it to our designated arrival car park eventually (almost 2 hours late I think! oops, sorry!) and Morty (aka Neil) found us mooching about on a street corner, looking for a dodgy geezer who fitted the description we were given. Went straight across the road to the nearest pub to have a pint (Coke for me!) and get introduced to his girlfriend, who seemed very nice.

Couldn’t keep quiet and had to let Morty in on our news. YAY!

We were quite ravenous by this point so then Morty took us up through Bath to a nice little place to eat called The Adventure Cafe. En route we passed a tour guide explaining to a pack of Americans what a Pillar Box is, do they not have post boxes over there? Heathens. Very odd.

The Adventure Cafe didn’t seem very adventurous but it sure did a great ciabatta pizza thingy. Hung with Morty for several hours, feasting, drinking and gossiping. Had a great time with Mortimer, he’s a sound chap.

Unfortunately though our time in Bath had to end as the parking ticket threatened to run out and we had to dash back down to save the Saab and head onwards up to Manchester. Despite Mort being incredibly camera shy we managed to persuade him to co-operate and we had just enough time for one more quick photo of Vile and Morty before we left:

Continued up the motorway at a much better pace than that which had got us to Bath. Had lots of fun driving with Bill sat next to me in the passenger seat, mmmm.

Made it back to Manchester in time to order a kebab from the Nehmat Keddah. Fantastic. Ok, it wasn’t the best kebab in the world but it was pretty good, and at least worthy of Bill’s first foray into chicken kebab heaven. yum!

Lounged around for the rest of the evening and watched bad telly. Had to make a nest on the floor to snuggle up in and sleep as there was no longer a bed at the flat. Ouch, hard floor! I think I still have bruises all down my spine!

We were also up late fending off amusing drunken phone calls from Sy, heee. Slept very well when I finally did go to sleep, had a very energetic day.

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  1. Anonymous January 8, 2003 at 10:29 pm #


    A buncha ugly mugs, I tellya….

  2. Anonymous January 8, 2003 at 10:29 pm #


    A buncha ugly mugs, I tellya….

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