NB: ATL entries

Although I did manage to make some posts to my journal while I was in ATL the majority of the lengthy posts from 29 Oct – 5 Nov 2002 were originally in note form in my sketchbook. I guess I was also reticent to post these entries live because of the awkward circumstances. However, I have finally managed to get around to typing up my account of my trip to ATL to visit Bill and decided to back date these entries so that they appear at the correct point in my journal.


Weird things

  • Traffic lights hanging and swinging on cables
  • The HUGE portions of food necessitating in doggy bags at every meal.
  • US Currency. Could NOT get the hang of it at all. Vile kept having to sort my note bundle out for my and I think he ended up paying for practically everything and I gave him all my money at the end of my trip!
  • Ice – “would you like any drink with that ice?”
  • Traffic, esp lanes for turning left. Scared the hell out of me to be sat in a car directly facing another coming in the opposite direction.
  • Toilet cubicles – Distinct lack of privacy or skimping on building materials. Cubicles always seemed to have a huge gap around the all sides of the door! What’s that all about?
  • ATMs division between checking and saving
  • oh gosh, and light switches INSIDE bathrooms, and not pull string ones either, real light switches!

Best bits

  • Late night’s sitting on the porch with Vile listening to the rain and huddling
  • Walking Quince and Loretta together
  • Guilty stolen kisses in the photobooth
  • The feel of Bill’s hand on my thigh as he drove
  • Kisses in the coffee shop, kisses in the rain, kisses back at the house, kisses in the car, kisses in the airport.
  • Just generally driving around with Bill and hanging out
  • Pool
  • Sharing a Pepsi at the Mall
  • Sneaking a peak into the bedroom while he was napping
  • Being sat next to each other in the office, being silly on Nyar

Worst bits

  • Having to leave
  • Not knowing if I’d see Bill, or be able to talk to him again.
  • Feeling sick knowing that Kati invited me into her home and I abused her hospitality
  • Watching Kati and Bill be all coupley, yet listening to them talk about each other separately and not seem to make much sense
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