no longer Vile

This last week Bill lost his Yahoo! ID.

It’s very upsetting.

Someone seems to have got into his account and changed his password.

I noticed something was up when Vilehelm signed into Yahoo! Messenger with the status message (I’m mobile) when Bill wasn’t at his computer. The next time he tried to log in he got error messages and despite writing to Yahoo! has not been able to get back into his account. I don’t think Yahoo! have even properly replied to him. They did ask him to verify the personal info he submitted when he created the account but Bill did this back in 1999 and now either can’t remember all the details requested or thinks he was paranoid at the time and put bumpf in instead. Still, since Bill replied to their request he has heard nothing and I think Yahoo! should at least get back to him.

Not at all impressed with Yahoo! and even less impressed by whoever has taken Bill’s id. Jerk.

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