No Taekwon-do

Seems the instructors are on a TKD summer camp this weekend so no Taekwon-do for me today. Probably just as well though as I’ve been feeling strange around my collar bone the last few days, hope it’s just getting used to being exercised again and not me overdoing it since the break. My yellow belt grading is next week and I actually want to make it to the grading this time! Was going to use the spare time to pop into town and look around Afflecks Palace (wish it opened on Sundays, I never seem to be able to get into Manchester on Saturdays anymore) but I think I’d better do some housey stuff instead.

Okay, Lara is now spotlessly clean, I am now filthy and soggy, and I hurt. Carrying countless buckets of water up and down stairs (well, mainly down, cos on the way back up they are just empty buckets) from a first floor flat to clean a car is such a pain.

Have now completed two of the tasks I set myself for this weekend (list: clean the car, make livejournal pretty, start artwork/painting thingy, make Hello Kitty skirt)

Just read that when she was 11 Billie Holiday was raped, the guy who raped her got 3 months in a “house of correction” and she got committed to the House of Good Shepherd for Coloured Girls!

Need to go get clean myself and then source myself some beer to take to Brian and Julia’s barbecue in an hour and a half.

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