Not feeling very patient

Aargh. Been trawling the web looking at other people’s K1 VISA experiences and have found a few forums to ask questions on. This is great, but is also hopelessly frustrating as I’ve been reading all about the Texas Service Centre and how they are currently the worst Centre with which to get your petition processed. Not sure exactly why, but for some reason they stopped processing form I129(F) for a while and have only just started looking at them again. Seems that a lot of people waiting for petitions to be approved have been staging protests outside the TSC until decisions started up again.

Currently the TSC is processing petitions with NOA #1 dates from last OCTOBER! FECK!

Bill and I were hoping to get hitched in August, mainly because mum is a secondary school teacher and that is the one month of the year that would be convenient for her (and with her obviously my dad) to attend. Sy and Mel are moving over to Australia this year too, so August could be crucial so that they will be able to attend too. But, looks like even that is wishful thinking now. 🙁

Can’t go back to the States to visit now my petition is filed, and have no idea when I’ll get to see Bill next. This sucks.

On a more positive note, my Police Check has now turned up and I’m not a wanted gal because I am an angel. (Was quite relieved that my nightmare of being wrongly mistaken for a criminal didn’t happen) So, I’ve filled in my Packet III forms ready to be sent off to the US Embassy in London. Will need to request that they open up a provisional file for me. Don’t imagine much will actually happen with them ’til we get approval, but that should at least speed things up once Texas gets it’s arse in gear.

Dammit. This has just confirmed my general feeling of animosity towards Texas in general. I need to hear good things about that place and its citizens NOW before I condemn it completely. Grrrrr.

Miss Bill. Want to cry. Fed up.

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