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As you might have noticed St353 came up from Basingstoke to visit at the weekend.

On Friday night we took him into Rusholme for a curry at the Al Bilal as I had a hankering for their special sizzling Tandoori chicken and Jalfrezi sauce. It’s terrific. It really does sizzle, it comes served on a steaming platter and you can hear it coming down through the restaurant. Huge great chunks of marinated chicken, green peppers and onion all singing and jumping about from the heat. And it tastes delicious too.

Oh, and the meaning of “St353 – b.e.e.” came back to me.

It was related to a conversation where St353 admitted that Brett Easton Ellis’ protagonist in American Psycho is his hero, and that he thinks Pat Bateman is a great bloke.

*sick sick sick.*

Although, I must admit while I usually I make an effort to read books before making a judgment about them, why I can be justifiably harsh regarding Harry Potter) in this case, having read Glamourama, I have given American Psycho a miss. Still, St353 likes Pat Bateman, that’s very scary. In fact, it’s not just St353 who admires Pat Bateman, apparently he is a bit of a cult figure in St353’s workplace, terrifying stuff.

Returned to the flat, stayed up til the early hours drinking Stella.

Matt and St353 played on the Dreamcast. I had fun pestering Red in ASorg(ia) until he realised what time it was and had to shoot off. Oops.

Saturday – stayed in bed til 1pm. Matt and St353 hit Manchester. Managed to peel myself away from snuggling the duvet in time to go to TKD. Returned to the flat, dived into the shower and got changed in record time, jumped into Lara and drove into town to collect my flight tickets and meet up with Matt and St353 before the shops shut.

Showed St353 the new Piccadilly Gardens, it’s such a great space now. I believe it was designed by Tadao Ando, who is most cool. Stood and watched the kids racing through the fountains, shrieking and having fun.

Back at the flat Matt and St353 were eager to try on their new purchases and paraded around the house in matching baggy trousers, awww, bless.

Should have got Lara’s headlight fixed so that I could drive to Bradford this evening but as I didn’t make it to an autofactors, and didn’t fancy getting pulled over by the police we decided not to go living it large and chill instead.

Made St353 watch a couple of episodes of Spaced and ordered pizza. I dialled up and, hooray! – Vile had returned from holiday, with photos. Ate pizza and vegged out chatting to Pengs and Vile.

Matt and St353 ambled off to The Woodstock for a pint and I promised I’d follow them there as I was getting excited talking about Atlanta with Vile. When I did make it out the house I’d barely got a few paces down the road when I tripped and fell over and landed sprawled across the pavement really jarring my collarbone and side.

Typical, earlier in the day, in the car park, I’d spotted a bright, shiny fifty pence. I picked it up and slipped it into the pocket of my fab new jeans I’d bought ready for Atlanta, and which I had promised myself I wouldn’t wear until then, so as to keep them nice, hah!

Of course, it was that side I landed on and the coin must’ve flipped in my pocket as it’s made a nice dent in my hip. The impact of the floor against metal has scarred the fabric rather nicely there too. pants!

My bag ended up skidding to the other side of the road. Had to have a sit down.

Finally made it to the pub in just in time for last orders.

Returned to the flat, stayed up til the early hours drinking Stella.

Made St353 watch the rest of Spaced, then put Monkey on. Yay!
Pulled out the amusing photo album and went through the past with St353, funny photos. Caught up again with Vile and probably talked complete crap at him, sorry. One day I’ll be sober and you’ll be inebriated Vile! In fact, I think you should make a special agreement and one day get up early and hit the beers, so when I get home from work and log on I get to be amused by pished Vile. Only fair.

Didn’t help that my keyboard is knackered and that the and no longer work every time, bit random. gah.

Woke up – am a bit bruised on my arms and elbows too, though not sure whether that is from being clumsy or TKD!

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