Lyns and Nicky came and picked me up to go to the pub last night. Went to The Nowhere which was reopening tonight after refurbishment. Very strange, they have knocked down a wall and given it a lick of paint. Still a dodgy pub though.

Was good to catch up with Lyns and hear all her mad arse-kicking stories. Great to see Nicky again too, ‘fraid I messed up her birthday meal plans somewhat but hopefully we can arrange something properly later this week, possibly drag other people out too.

Ended up leaving early with Lyns unfortunately, I just felt terrible, all sore and very sleepy.

Seems I even got home and into bed before the parents. I just assumed that they had gone to bed, but no they were down in Tavy at the Market Inn having watched the glow at the Hot Air Balloon Festival. (Inflated balloons glowing in time to music).

Woke up stupidly early and tried to be quiet until the house woke up too. No sign of Bill online. 🙁 Booo! It’s only 2.30am over there, why’s he not up I don’t know?!

(Aaargh, most frustrated that my pc is not online, can’t edit pics, save for web or anything on this pooter, wah!!! sorry about the bmp)

Dad’s up and about now and made me a cup of tea and I’m sat in the dining room watching a morning sky filled with hot air balloons floating past. Dad’s counted 17 so far.

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