NVC panic and coming home.

Got a worried call from Bill yesterday morning, he had called the National Visa Centre on 603.334.0700 to find out whether or not they had received our files yet and see if we had been assigned a case number so that I can forward my Packet 3 documents to the London Embassy. Turns out the NVC had just received our petition that morning, but that the TSC had made a seemingly small, but important error with our records. They had entered my birthday incorrectly, putting a 5 instead of a 3 for the month.

Aaargh! *Big sinking feeling followed by a panic.*

We had to try to correct this asap to hopefully avoid any holdup. To do this they needed to see my birth certificate, which is sat all neatly organised in my lovely buff expanding file back home in my beautiful British bedroom.

Of course when I tried to call my parents to help us out the calling card didn’t work. Typical. I swear I had plenty of minutes left on that thing! Anyhow, Bill raced to get a new one and I managed to get hold of mumsy and dadsy. YAY! They managed to dig out my certificate, scan it in and mail it over to Bill mucho promptly. THANKYOU parents!! You’re the best.

Bill then faxed it over to the NVC with an explanation. Hopefully they’ll change it before the document makes its way to the consulate in London. Yikes. Didn’t need that.

Bill says “Gads, that was one of the more nerve wracking 30 minutes of this year.”

I also spent several hours yesterday trying to find a reasonable flight home in mid August. That just isn’t going to happen. Pants. I’m looking at a grand for a ticket here, but on the plus side we’re hoping that if I book a return for mid October I’ll be able to use it to get back to the States with my Visa in hand. Have to get a return anyway because I looked into getting a single and it’s disgusting, they cost more than a return. Unbelieveable.

Anyhow, we decided on a flight and I tried to book it (Tues 19th August -> Sunday 12th October). Of course, nothing goes to plan and I got all the way through to the payment form and was then told I can’t pay for the ticket using a UK credit card if my departure airport is in the States. They don’t allow 3rd party payments so Bill can’t sub me either. Drat. Phoned Delta and was in a holding queue with icky music doing my head for seemingly forever in the early hours of the morning until I simply gave up. Ugh, better go and see if I can sort this out now I suppose.

Course, that’s just getting back to London. I’ve no idea how I’m going to manage to get from Gatwick back to Tavistock upon arrival on the 20th. Bleargh. Oh well, one thing at a time…

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