Oh Crikay! – Team 7 Hills bio

Introduced to the sport of hashing by her dad, Kay grew up in the South West of England believing that tracking blobs of sawdust cross country through brambles and bracken, tussock and mire, in search of a pint at the finish (shandy for young Kay) was perfectly normal behaviour. Little did she know that this would turn out to be perfect training for braving and enjoying the outdoor delights of the PNW in all-weather.

Although after leaving high school she then entered a long, bleak, sedentary wilderness she eventually regained her legs in her thirties. A summer holiday spent in her home town on the edge of Dartmoor spurred the burning desire to just take off and run solo across her beloved moors, and up and down a few tors.

This story might have just ended with a sated whim, but while feeling particularly stodgy following the birth of her second child, her husband also bet her that she couldn’t possibly race a 5k by the end of 2009.

Kay is just a little competitive. She took the tossed gauntlet and ran with it. Now she is challenging herself to ever longer distances and likes nothing better than getting out on the trails, splashing through mud, and running up mountains to enjoy the views with her trusty canine sidekick, Zennor.

Zennor and Kay love to Run Magnolia together and are a bit of a fixture at Seven Hills Group Runs. Seven Hills Running Shop is more than simply a place to buy supplies, it has become a beacon of PNW trail running and camaraderie. Kay is excited to officially share her appreciation and spread the running love by proudly flying Team 7 Hills colours.

Deception Pass 25k - photo credit: Glenn Tachiyama

2014 Deception Pass 25k – photo credit: Glenn Tachiyama

2015 races:

Bridle Trails 50k
Lord Hill 50k
Gorge Waterfalls 100k
Sun Mountain 50k
INOV-8 Roseland August Trail (Black Rat) 50k
Carkeek 12 Hour

Favourite Shoes:

Kinabalu HS
New Balance WT1010v2

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