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I am a little chilly (but too lazy to go find myself a jumper.)

The little cat on the doorstep turned out to be Holmes, a cat belonging to Meredith across the street. Bill came home that night and was all excited to see a kitty hanging around as he’d been saying only the other day that he doesn’t actually want a cat but would like it very much if one chose to just come and chill in our yard. This little kitty looked very bedraggled and starved so we gave it some food and water, and it mewed and screeched happily. At this point Bill recognised the cat’s call and decided to call Meredith to see if her cat was missing. He was. Poor thing is 18 years old and has contracted kitty leukaemia. Bill and I obviously then took Holmes back across the street and left him (and some food and drink) in Meredith’s front porch for her. Such a friendly little kitty. Oh well, guess we are still on the look out for a cat to make a fuss of. Think Bill would ideally like a big fluffy ginger one please.

Just phoned Mummy and Daddy and had a nice chat. Was very good to hear their voices and talk to them properly for a bit. Had a word with Molly too.

Lara had her MOT today and failed. Emissions were too high. Drat. Luckily I have a wonderful Dad who should be able to fix this for me though? *looks hopeful* Thankyou for your hard work Daddykins. Apparently, other than that “little” hitch she is in very good condition. (Thanks again to Daddy no doubt)

Yesterday I went into Brighthouse with Bill in the afternoon. Fire alarms kept going off so the afternoon was spent wandering in and out of the building and watching Bill play with a football in the sun.

Curry was chosen in favour of a trip to the gym last night. We arranged to meet Paul and Ron at the curryhouse in Decatur at 8. Some time later we were still waiting. Just as we went to phone them they arrived and it turned out that they had been expecting us at their house at 8. Ooops. Curry was pretty abysmal unfortunately. Somewhat better than last time but still fairly icky. Felt a little queasy when we left the joint. The guy that comes around waiting on the tables with a canteen style plastic trolley and soap bucket does not really help the ambience at that place. Still, had a nice evening because the company was great.

Followed up curry with a trip to an English pub which was supposed to hold a Brit-pop night (Paul loves his Brit-pop and even drives a Union Jack emblazoned mini) but management had changed and that was no more. We each huddled over a pint in what was actually a remarkably comfy little booth and left before the place got hi-jacked by a bunch of Georgia Tech students on a night out.

Bill has attacked the ants nest and hopefully defeated the blighters. However I think we may have a mouse in the kitchen now. Must purchase some traps.

Gave up on the cherries for the cake. Bill came home with a bag of what he thought were dried cherries but he’d misread the label and they were actually cranberries. Decided to throw them into the mix anyway. Guess it’s quite apt really. *fingers crossed*

Poor Cubbies!! Wanted the cubbies to make it to the “World” *cough* Series. Cubbies are cute and fluffy and cuddly and did I say cute?, whereas Marlins are horrid and cold and scaly, with nasty pointy things on their heads and are downright fishy. Cubbies didn’t make it though 🙁 Poor Cubbies.

And a big GRRRR to the Yankees too. This was a harder choice…Boston (tea party – humph) vs New York (almost had it cos Pengie lives there, but he likes the Phillies soooo….ugh – Yankees!) Had to side with Boston in the end, although I did try to pretend to root for New York in order to try to make the Red Sox score but that didn’t work either. Poop.

I like snuggling up with Bill on the sofa and watching baseball 😀 (about the only thing he doesn’t channel surf through! ;))

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