Out of sorts


Okay, I’ve been feeling a tad weird this week and all grumpy. I’m sorry.
I’m nice and bouncy really, honest. Though I’m still a bit miffed, though as I can’t really remember why I guess I’m just still mooching.

Anyhow, sorry? (same goes for being grouchy at 20, Vile and Eso :))

Hope you have a fantastic weekend :]

Also, I missed a couple of entries this week so here’s me trying to catch up:


**hmm, have already written about this in an email to Pengie, might cut and paste here later**
[/email to Pengs:]
Went to the Lowry Centre in Salford Quays to see a sculpture exhibition. Was going to drive then thought nah and went into town and took the tram from there. It’s not far (Manchester and Salford are practically next to each other and Manchester could be said to encircle Salford) but the tram ride is just fab. You get to go along by the Manchester Ship Canal and it’s just a nice trip.

The Lowry is a superb building (if you ignore the Lowry elements that is – Lowry was such a terrible artist – gah). It resembles the Guggenheim in Bilbao and now next to it there is also the Imperial War Museum of War and Peace (something like that) by Daniel Libeskind. The Lowry has 2 theatres and an art gallery, but I’d not been to the gallery before. I’d only been there at night to see shows (Diamanda Galas, Ballet Rambert, Storm, and some French Canadian circus) and the gallery had been shut. It was nice to see the building in the daylight.

The surrounding area is strange, reminds me of a cross between Bilbao and Holland, flat, scrubby and industrial.

Exhibition was interesting though, got trapped in the Lowry galleries but found our way again – phew. Damn Lowry is overrated.

Trammed back into town, ended up in the gay village at Via Fossa again. The gay village is really a pedestrian street next to a canal in the centre of Manchester. The sun had come out again and everyone was lining the street and drinking, soaking up the warmth. it was really nice, all the bars along there have lined the street with beautiful hanging baskets.

Was about to toddle off home again when I realised that I had forgotten to defrost my tea today, it’s still in the freezer, so just had to eat out. Shame. Went to my favourite noodle bar Tampopo and had scrummy scrummy food. I had a malaysian red curry chicken noodle thing – divine. All topped off with Kirin beer.

shot lots of K’s today, am now waiting for my camera to recharge so I can transfer to the pooter and see what I got. (prolly nothing of interest but I had fun)


Worked really hard on my mono|kay project. Was very pleased with myself and can’t wait to go live with it, actually some content for my website – wheee! Just need to find some server space and I’m away!


After work on I went into Manchester and met Ruairi and Rebecca at Bar Centro in the Northern Quarter. Had a very pleasant drink with them. Bar Centro serves a good range of interesting drinks, we all stuck with the Hooegarden though. Was rather amused when the round turned up and I was expecting a European type measure of Hooegarden, but got a pint. This was funny because it came in the appropriate branded glass and was so big and heavy I found it tricky to lift and drink from.

Ruairi made a sheepish pact with Rebecca saying that to avoid “drunken pixie” he is only ever allowed to drink exactly the same amount of alcohol as her!

At ten we wandered down to Exchange Square to watch the free legs on the wall performance. Basically, mad Aussies abseilling and dancing on the side of the Premier Lodge tower block. It was really amazing. The performers were lit so that when they moved they cast huge shadows on to the wall behind them, they were literally human shadow puppets. Images were also projected onto the surface over them. Really cool, but I’m afraid I was more taken by mad jumping about on the end of ropes than I was by the message.

Tried really hard to take some decent photos but failed miserably, I don’t have a steady enough hand for night-time shots.

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