Overdoing the old coke again


I am buzzed! It’s 4.30 in the morning and I’m still going strong. I even have really dull sports on the telly and yet I continue to exhibit no sign of flagging.


I actually woke up fairly early today and finished reading “Fay” [Larry Brown]. Didn’t think as much of it as his book of short stories, “Big Bad Love” though. He just didn’t seem to be able to maintain the same richness of feeling and vocabulary through the length of the novel. It just seemed a little shallow and basic somehow. Still, I enjoyed reading it, especially having just come back from the States. Also I was amused to note that there were certainly a couple of occasions in it where things would have just gone right over my head if Vile hadn’t explained certain culture snags as I encountered them while I was over visiting Atlanta.

Was very proud of myself last night. Went to TKD and actually managed to do a set of proper press ups. My first since the broken collarbone incident. I’m sure I was probably fine but I’ve still been a bit uncertain about doing them and putting weight on my collarbone like that. Collapsed on press up number 14 and had to have a good stretch afterwards as it felt a bit grumpy, but I think I did good.

I had been getting annoyed about not having a scanner because I wanted to do some drawings and scan them in to use in Illustrator. Then I realised I was being a dumbass and I’d forgotten that my digital camera boasts a macro lens. Superb! Worked a treat! So I’ve just been goofing in Illustrator and tracing some drawings I did of some garden machinery wielding monks I drew this afternoon while I was having a quiet life stress. Yay! Productivity ++

Hmm, Vile lent me “Independence Day” [Richard Ford] might go climb into bed with that for a bit.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving (or something or other) to Red Penguin, Darth Lank, 20 Ton Squirrel, Vilehelm and any one else who wants to have fun with turkey today.

And a very happy 21st birthday on top of that to Lanky.
*birthday bounces to you!* wheeeeeeeeee!

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