Packing Julie and the kids off

This morning got up early again and went with Bill to help his sister Julie pack up all her stuff as they are shipping out to Chicago today. When we got there you could see Bill gulp, he’d had to take half a day off work to help out and no way was the house going to be cleared up by 12. The kids were home alone with the squirrels while Julie had popped out to get the hire truck, and the place only looked three quarters packed. Bill was a trooper, put his brave face on and got stuck in there.

Bill’s dad then arrived driving the biggest goddamn hire truck I’ve ever seen. Manoeuvring into the driveway he managed to knock the mailbox over, much to David’s consternation (and delight). And the packing started in earnest.

Tried to help out but just felt like I was getting in the way and it was so hot and too many children to trip over, so instead I retreated into the house and hoovered the rooms as they emptied. Tried to be useful. Oh, kept Gracie amused for a while too helping her to lend a hand carrying boxes she couldn’t lift on her own and when she got very bored having a quick game of Piggy in the Middle. Which Caiti called Monkey in the Middle, Gracie didn’t seem to grasp the idea totally though and instead played limpet at our feet.

Bill did his best but in the end he had to call a halt and leave his family to it. Had to get back to the office for 1pm as a whole bunch of work fell on top of him for this weekend. Drat. Looks like we’ll be spending tomorrow at the office too. Though I did hear him tell Quincy he could come along tomorrow too so maybe Quince and I can wreak up some havoc. Muahahaha

Was rather tight getting back to the office timewise so we didn’t have time to stop for lunch. Instead we pulled into a takeaway joint on the way. The choice was Chick-fil-a or Subway, and as I hadn’t been to Chick-fil-et before we chose that. Wish we hadn’t.

Apart from the fact Bill and I realised that between us we only had 5 dollars when we got to the drive-thru cashier and had to only take and pay for one of the items we’d ordered, after I had happily bitten into and munched my chicken sandwich I noticed a horrific message discreetly tucked away on the bottom of the wrapper. All chicken at Chick-fil-a is fried in refined peanut oil. Wonderful.

Thankfully no major reaction to it though which surprised me immensely. Just felt a bit weird and itchy. Still, Bill whizzed us over to Publix and got me a packet of antihistimines and some water which I downed. Spent the rest of the afternoon drinking copius amounts of water and feeling rather unpleasant and woozy. Can still breathe, hoorah!

Kicked the screensaver off at work to see that mum and dad had got back from their hols and had paged me. Was very excited about that, been looking forward to hearing from them for days. Had a very frustrating afternoon watching their status say online and available but getting no response. Passed out on the desk a few times and was woken up abruptly at one point by a work colleague deciding to take a seat. He hadn’t noticed I was there.

Finally got an IM back from the folks, yay! Am quite disappointed though, after wanting to hear all about their holiday and get up to date with them I just ended up having a frustrating conversation instead. Hope we fare better next time.

This evening I just won Bill a surprise cd off Ebay. At least it was going to be a surprise, I can talk about it here because the annoying boy walked in on me while I was paying for it. Gah. Wanted it to just turn up in the mail after I’d gone. Oh well. Thank you for looking after me and being lovely Bill. xxx

Mixed feelings about Tuesday. Desperately looking forward to seeing my family again, but I don’t want to leave either. This sucks. Hmm, voddy calls now. (Finally got me some alkyhol, accidently did a u-turn outside a package store on Saturday and Bill ran in to get me a bottle, whoo hoo! Cheers babe). Must go sup.

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