Penultimate Day *sniff*

Urk. Final full day in Atlanta with Bill. Would have liked to have done something exciting, or at the very least have met his sister Julie for lunch like we had arranged, but we simply had too much to organise for the petition while we were able to do it together.

Managed to hold onto and huggle Bill for longer than he had anticipated this morning. Though that’s not exactly a hard task. *giggle*

Finally made it up and showered and raced over to Sonny’s house to borrow a printer so we could print out some of our digital photos from all our trips to see each other.

A quick trip to Staples to purchase nice yummy glossy photo paper and some ink, a fleeting visit to Publix for roti chicken and salad, and we were all set to be industrious.

Fetched Meredith’s dog, Gus, over to play with Quince and while they tore the place up (aided and abetted by me) Bill did a grand job of being organised and running the print job.

*print* *print* *print* *woof* *bark* *print* *wheee* *print* *howl* *print* *print*

Most impressed by the results.

Filled in my share of the forms for the petition, nerve wracking trying to complete it correctly and not mess it up. Then Bill almost wrecked it by resting on the forms when writing on something else. You see, I had to make four exact duplicates and so there was carbon paper sandwiched between the biographic data sheets. Aaargh! Almost had a conniption, but all was well. Phew!

Was all sad and moochy, filling forms is no fun and I don’t want to have to leave tomorrow. *grump*

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