photo torture

Ugh. Okay finally got some photos online. Stressed me out doing it though. My computer isn’t actually connected to the net anymore because while I was in the States my folks went broadband and forking out for a wireless card for the short time I am staying with them seemed dumb. So, getting photos from my camera, optimising them for the web and getting them online is a feat and a half:

1) download photos onto my computer
2) edit and optimise
3) put back onto camera
4) attempt to connect camera USB to Dad’s computer, kill the keyboard in the process
5) get keyboard working again only to find that Dad’s computer requires drivers for my camera to work. Blast! My drivers are in Atlanta.
6) be nice to Simon and blag use of his laptop
7) email pics to myself using Sy’s Outlook Express
8) collect email on Dad’s computer
9) scream and shout when OE removes attachments from the mail for security
10) get nice Daddy to find correct check box to uncheck so attachments are selectable
11) save to temp desktop folder
12) ftp to server

Aaaargh! I feel frazzled now!


Gift giving – first meal back in Devon

Arrived back from Atlanta with presents for the family from Bill and I:

Dad tries to smoke Simon’s beer coozy

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