Piloting the beamer

Vile had been tormenting me all week with promises of making me drive his beamer around the block, so far I’d managed to avoid this. On the way back from East Atlanta Village he suddenly remembered that he hadn’t kept his word and pulled over.


I had to take the driver’s seat and ferry us home and it was freaky. Not only was it my first attempt at being on the wrong side of the road, but I’d never driven an automatic, or a car with power steering before either. Aaargh.

Was very strange indeed to have the car on the right hand side, and my distance judgement was totally screwed up. Had no idea how much car to make room for or how close to the edge of the road I was.

Aware I kept looking in the wrong place for the rear view mirrors. Most peculiar.

Car felt so light! Most disorientating. Bill commandeered the camera and just giggled at me. *pout*

Had to go through a couple of Stop junctions and instinctively kept edging forward to the white line, except of course there wasn’t one. Had to really think which side of the road to swing onto when turning left too. Totally mad.

Did make it back in one piece and parked above Bill’s cardboard box drip catcher. (his beamer leaks enthusiastically) Was actually half tempted to go around the block again just cos, but I’m afraid I got all shy and wussed. Went to put the hand brake on, and hit the door instead. Ouch!

Earlier in the week we drove past the test centre. It’s just a lot with all these fake junctions and signs and stuff laid out as a test circuit. You apparently don’t get to drive on the streets for your test like you do over here. I’m going to have to take my driving test again to get a US licence, I’m a tad nervous! Yikes.

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