Ping pong

Last Monday after Bill finished work we picked up the dog and headed over to Dac’s for ping pong (he was having a bachelor night as Elizabeth was away). He has a table in his garage, and Bill is a sucker for a game of ping pong. Quince got put into the back yard to play with Augustus and Tennessee and we ordered pizza and played some matches. Bill showed me how to play (I don’t think a couple of lessons I had while at school really count as having played before, especially as the majority of the lesson involved wheeling the tables out and setting them up in the assembly hall, standing still while the PE Teacher admonished a couple of the boys for messing around and then folding them up and putting the tables away again, fun) and we had a few practice games before Jeff and his friend also arrived.

The garage was a little cramped so we had to play around a lawnmower, a pair of bikes, numerous boxes and tools, and even allowed the ball to play off the roof, but it was good fun. I think Quincy enjoyed the run around he had with Dac’s dogs too. Not happy that I lost every game I played. Grrrrr.

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