Pool Party (Saturday 9th August)

Bill left his bag in Alpharetta when we were last there and I decided that today should be a doggy day. Wanted to see Quincy swim and maybe be able to take a dip ourselves. So we decided to put on the bathing suits, go over to Mary’s to pick the bag up then head on up to a lake where we could hopefully frolic in the water. Mary and Hank were out horseriding until 4 so first we raced around Atlanta getting some errands done. Found a quilting shop and bought the fabric and batting I need to finish the quilt I’ve been making. Can crack on with that now.

Arrived at Camp Leslie just as Hank got back, he became enthusiastic about the evenings plan and decided to bring his 3 dogs along too. That way he said he could also show us some of the trails around there.

However, Mary arrived soon afterwards, all bouncy and with different plans. Not bad, just different. Pool party at a neighbours house down the road. She managed to persuade us to stay and tag along to that instead.

Hoorah for having our swimming costumes on us.

Played volley ball in the water and did some splashing around. Quince came in to the pool on a few occasions but seemed to prefer patrolling the edges happily barking at everyone instead.

Bill grabbed him at one point and jumped in with dog in his arms.

The neighbour’s son set up some slippery mats so they could run and slide into the pool. Was fun watching him, his friends and the two younger kids attempt to break their necks and make big splashes.

They also had an open jacuzzi by the pool, so when we were done with swimming we sat and simmered in that for a while.

Had a very pleasant evening, and Quincy had a very excitable one. In the end he got a little too excited and had to be taken back over to Camp Leslie on pretext of teatime.

Bill calms Quincy down

Even got fed that evening too. A barbecue was merrily churning out delicacies. Bill persuaded me to try the salmon, but no, it’s not for me. I don’t know why I don’t like it but I was just uncomfortable eating it. Mary was a star though and when she returned from taking the dogs back to hers she was carrying a huge slice of vegetarian lasagne for me. Superb.

Bill got a little twitchy as it turned 7pm. Football season starts today. Or at least the first of the pre-season games was kicking off that evening. He’d been planning to settle down and enjoy the game, Atlanta vs Green Bay. Thanked everyone for their hospitality, tried to round up all our stuff (I failed, Bill left his Bubbapalooza T-shirt behind – doh) and headed on back to the hood.

Made it back and the football was only in the 1st quarter so Bill and I snuggled up on the sofa and he tried to explain the rules to me. Ugh, worse than baseball, all very confusing. Though, I guess the reception on our tv doesn’t really aid things, hard to see what’s going on when at times there are double the number of players on screen. Promptly fell asleep. As did Bill.

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