YAY! Finally got the flat deposit back from Mrs Campbell. GAH! She took some off to cover replacing the oven door handle though. 🙁 Not fair, that was just wear and tear, I didn’t exactly use force when that broke! In fact, I couldn’t have if I’d tried as I had a broken collar bone at the time!

Ugh, that was a horrible day, the only food in the house was a rather tasty looking cannelloni in the oven, which I couldn’t get to because the handle had come off in my hand. I was starving, and in terrible agony, due to aforementioned broken bonage, and couldn’t even dress myself as I could harldly bear to move! Think I went online and whinged at Vile.

My amended driver’s licence arrived today too. YAY! Needed to get my current address printed on it so I can use it as one of the necessary forms of ID for my police check. So I have all the stuff I need for that now too.

Am very annoyed though as I didn’t think and sent my old one off in the nice plastic wallet it came in. Except I didn’t get one back did I? Oh no! Seems some stupid members of the public COMPLAINED about having their licences given to them in a pouch to keep the two elements clean and together and they stopped issuing them! GAH! How sucky is that?!! NOT happy!

Currently watching mayhem on Nyar! Hoorah!

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